TUCSON, Ariz. — Mister Car Wash acquired five Octopus Car Wash locations this past June, according to a press release.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing featured the closing of the carwashes in a past edition of Carwash eNews. You can find this coverage here.

Drivers in Madison, Wisconsin, and Rockford, Illinois, will no longer see “Ozzie,” Octopus Car Wash’s iconic mascot, when driving by the carwash, stated the release.

To complete the integration of these locations under its national brand, reported the release, Mister Car Wash removed the Ozzies to make room for the chain’s signage on Dec. 14.

Mister Car Wash wants to reassure the former Octopus Car Wash customers that the Ozzies “[were] in good hands,” added the release.

Sarah Ross, director of integration for Mister Car Wash, said that the signature mascot was originally conceived by a close friend of John Jurkens, the founder of Octopus Car Wash, continued the release.

“We bought the locations from his son Jeff, who has requested that we return the Ozzies to him,” stated Ross in the article.

Amy Scanlon, the preservation planner for the city of Madison called the signs “beloved,” informed the release, and explained that the signs became part of Madison’s zoning history and car culture when the city made a special designation for these types of creative signs.

“I am working on a plan to display the Ozzies, and I appreciate the cooperation I’ve gotten from Mister Car Wash in this effort,” said Jurkens in the article.

Ross reported in the article, “The Ozzies will be moved but certainly not forgotten. We’re honored to build on the tradition of great service that Octopus worked hard to maintain in Madison and Rockford.”

Headquartered in Tucson, noted the release, Mister Car Wash operates 160 carwashes and 34 express lubes throughout 19 states.

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