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Carwash chemical spill turns nearby stream green

MILFORD, Conn. — A local carwash owner apologized for an accidental discharge of wax.


MILFORD, Conn. – The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is investigating after cleaning materials from a Milford carwash spilled into drains that emptied into the watercourse, turning a nearby stream green, according to

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DEEP’s Emergency Response Unit responded to a green substance in a stream in Milford, the article stated, and investigators traced the substance back to a carwash on New Haven Ave.

Milford fire officials confirmed that gallons of liquid wax spilled into a floor drain at Best Hand Car Wash & Detail, the article continued; the leak then spread through the drains to the watercourse.

Best Hand Car Wash & Detail Manager Jason Herrera said his team had no idea the spill was a problem until authorities came calling, according to the article.

“One of my guys spilled it out, and it was easy for him to just rinse it off to go into the drainage. We didn’t find out until they called us, so we came down here took care of it; we called the environmental company to come and clean it up, and they did,” Herrera said.


Best Hand Car Wash & Detail is now looking into proper disposal techniques moving forward, the article stated.

The business owner has hired a contractor to clean up the mess and will be responsible for the cost, according to the article.

The DEEP Permitting Enforcing Division and OSHA will follow up to determine if there were any violations, the article concluded.

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