OKLAHOMA CITY — After 33 previous arrests, another 22 people have been arrested and accused of being involved in a drug ring based at a carwash here, NewsOK reported.

The Nov. 2 story stated that the new defendants in the case were charged with conspiracy to possess at least 85 pounds of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute.

NFL wide receiver fined for carwash drug bust

Most of the new defendants in the case were distributors for the organization, according to the FBI. Defendant Daniee Avila was identified as being a “brujo” — a witch doctor who would perform the blessing of drug shipments for the organization.

The leader of the drug ring, Iran Juan Zamarripa Carrillo, was arrested in Texas after being charged with conspiracy in Oklahoma. The FBI said that he obtained methamphetamine from suppliers in Mexico and had semi-trucks deliver multiple pounds of the drug to Oklahoma City.

Two arrested for carwash drug clearinghouse

In August, investigators seized 66 pounds of meth and $323,400 in U.S. currency from an Oklahoma City residence. An FBI agent said many of the new defendants were identified by those arrested earlier.

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