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Carwash employee trapped in machinery dies

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Officials have yet to determine the cause of death.


COLUMBUS, Ohio — According to, a carwash employee died after an accident at the Soft Touch Car Wash on Sinclair Rd. on Jan. 14th.

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Local fire officials said the man died after being trapped in machinery at the carwash, the article continued.

A 911 caller said the man had been electrocuted, but medics have not yet determined the cause of death, the article stated.

Homicide detectives also investigated the scene, but determined it to be an accident, the article noted.

The victim was identified later as Daniel Boucher, 35, the article continued.

Witnesses at the scene called 911 for help, with one saying that Boucher was wrapped in a machine, the article added.

“I’ve got an employee that’s electrocuted,” another 911 caller said. “He’s laying back in the back, not moving.”

OSHA officials also came to investigate the scene, the article concluded.

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