PARK WAY, EDGWARE, ENGLAND —  A blaze broke out at the Star Hand Car Wash and Valeting Centre on Wednesday and spread to the home above the business that has now been labled a "death trap" by the London Fire Brigade, the Harrow Observer reported.

The March 22 story said a car caught fire and the fire spread to two more vehicles and then spread to the garage and the ceiling.

Four adults and two young children who were living upstairs were able to flea immediately. More than 20 firefighters were needed to battle the blaze.

Investigators soon discovered that the home had no smoke alarms or an unblocked escape route and it was deemed unsafe and given a Prohibition Notice, meaning no one was allowed to sleep there.

Fire ravages carwash and tire shop

and nothing separating the business below from the flat's escape stairs, meaning the fire could have easily spread upstairs.

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