LEESBURG, GA — Rebuilding has finally begun after a blaze consumed the Stardust Car Wash two months ago. It was an event that all the employees remember quite vividly, Fox 31 reported.

The Oct. 28 story stated that the blaze erupted due to a short in the wash’s neon lights. “It was like a dream, I thought I was dreaming. I saw it on the news because I was up at that time in the morning and the news flashed Stardust Car Wash is on fire, and I thought I was dreaming," Manager OT Martin said in the story.

Police arrest suspect for c-store wash fire

Owner Craig Dodge said he knew that the damage to the facility would be pretty bad, but nothing prepared him for the total destruction that came from the inferno.

Currently, Stardust Car Wash is only cleaning cars by appointment. Dodge hopes that the rebuilt wash is up and running by January.

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