OLYMPIA, WA — A soldier returning from Afghanistan surprised his five sons with a homecoming at a carwash here, KOMO reported.

The May 28 article stated that Major Darrell Rasor of the U.S. Army made his first stop at the Wave Car Wash after returning from four months of service.

The carwash workers were in on the surprise, and, when Rasor’s wife and sons arrived, the manager told them they had been selected as the wash’s customers of the day. As the kids ate cupcakes, Rasor jumped into the car so he could surprise them when the car exited the wash.

The entire plan stemmed from one of Rasor’s sons not understanding why his dad was in Afghanistan. “My 2-year-old thinks I’ve been (at the carwash) the whole time while I’ve been away from home,” Rasor said in the story.

Video of the homecoming can be seen here.