Professional Carwashing & Detailing offers an assortment of editorial content online and in print. We continue to deliver market-leading information on technical how-to, business, new startup and carwash best practice articles to succeed in this competitive marketplace. If you are only reading the print magazine, or only visiting on an occasional basis, you are missing critical information you need to advance your business in the carwash industry and drive employee motivation and productivity.

In this issue you will find these types of articles. From troubleshooting vacuum maintenance issues to developing and solidifying your personal marketing brand, we have covered many of the bases that owners and operators need to know in order to be competitive.

The carwash industry is changing. Carwash owners and operators must shift with the customer and industry trends or risk being left behind and, eventually, out of business.

What mark do you want to leave in your community and in this industry? Are you in this business to make a quick buck and garner as much profit as possible, with an ultimate goal of selling the business?

There are no right or wrong reasons to enter this industry, or leave it. But, in your time in the professional carwashing market, just like in many other industries, your passion, your dedication and your awareness of customer issues — and solving those issues — must be accounted for in your daily routine.

In most businesses, the employees look to the owner or manager as the example of how the business should be run; how it should treat customers; and what type of results are expected.

Getting along and being friendly with employees should not mean that quality and leadership suffer. Set the example with the same passion that it took to open this business. Regardless of your end goal, you can create a good business and solid, loyal employees with the example that you set as an owner or operator every single day.