SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. — According to, the popular, local carwash Quiky Car Wash on Broad St. has been charged with noise and permit violations.

Neighbors of the carwash say that it has not been following the rules for a year, and they have been complaining to city officials to get the carwash to make changes, the article continued.

Jonathan Wester, a resident on Broad St., claimed that the noise levels from the carwash prevent him from opening his windows during the day, the article noted.

“The sound booms right out into these houses,” Wester said. “You just want to be able to go into your backyard and relax, and be calm and not think … ‘What is that noise?’”

Some neighbors said that in addition to excessive noise levels, the business did not seem to comply with the city code for operation hours, the article stated.

Ellie Washington, a member of the Broad Rockview Place HOA, said, “We started complaining about some excessive noise that goes up until 10 o’clock at night sometimes.”

Upon receiving the complaints, city workers inspected the carwash and found that it was both exceeding maximum noise levels and violating it use permit hours, the article continued.

According to the city, part of the noise problem stems from the dryers that were installed without a permit and without the proper silencing equipment, the article added.

In addition, the city found Quicky Car Wash violating the city’s “night sky” ordinance by having bright lights on during dark hours, causing too much light pollution, the article noted.

City officials stated that the carwash sent them plans on Nov. 16th to fix the violations, the article noted, though they were not available for reporting at the time.

The carwash faces several hundred dollars in violation fines, the article concluded.

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