DALLAS, TX — The owner of White Star Car Wash rallied against roadwork in front of the business, saying the project has caused a huge drop in his business.

White Star employee Les Spears customers do not want to leave a carwash and encounter gravel and dust.

"Who's going to wash their car and then have to go back over that? It doesn't make sense," Les Spears said in the ABC-WFFA 8 story.

Spears says he began losing customers since the roadwork began in May 2012. The city has said the project was supposed to be completed in spring 2013.

"It's very frustrating. It's taken forever. Fall is coming up soon, you know,” Spears  said. “There should be dozens of people washing their cars now, but they're not."

According to the story, city officials blame the delay on a design issue and should be finished by October.

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