Carwash manager helps woman find lost wedding ring
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Carwash manager helps woman find lost wedding ring

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — According to, when a customer lost her wedding ring at a carwash, the manager went to great lengths to find it.

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On the evening of March 15th, Leanne Van Amburg and her husband, Scott, went to Champion Xpress Car Wash.

There, Leanne took off her wedding ring so she could reach something that had fallen between the seats, and she forgot to put it back on; then, Scott unknowingly vacuumed it up.

It took several hours for Leanne to realize the ring was missing, and she called the carwash first thing on Tuesday morning to speak to the manager, Richard Martinez.

“He said that he would look through all of his filters,” Leanne said.

Martinez went through six vacuum filters and over a dozen pounds of trash.

“There was a lot of change, pens, gum, candy and lint,” Martinez explained. “At the very last filter I went through, I found her wedding ring.”


According to Martinez, it was a close call, since the carwash empties the filters every night, and if not then, the very next day, so the ring was close to ending up in the trash.

Leanne came to the carwash right away to get the ring.

“She went home crying because she didn’t think she would see the ring again,” Martinez said.

The couple said they were extremely thankful to have the ring returned.

“The sentimental value of certain things, you just cannot replace,” Leanne said.

The two plan to take Martinez out to dinner to thank him.

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