COLUMBUS, NM — Splash Around Car Wash here had an interesting neighbor roll into town on April 17, The Deming Headlight reported.

The April 11 story stated that The Culpepper & Merriweather Circus performed two evening shows next door to the carwash last Wednesday. The chamber of commerce presented the circus event.

The authentic, big-top circus has been featured on various television shows, and it brought a friends and family style circus. According to the article, the circus transformed a familiar place in the town into a bustling Circus City.

'Garish' carwash looks like a circus tent, residents claim

Before the performances, animals were unloaded, the big top was erected and the rigging was prepared. The circus even held a free tour after the big-top was ready for community members.

Performers included Miss Simone and her amazing single trapeze, Miss Paulina's proud prancing ponies, Natilie's American Eskimo Escapades and The Ayala's unforgettable foot juggling.

Advance tickets for the circus were on sale at Splash Around, Rubio Tire Repair shop and San Jose Fina Gas Station.

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