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Carwash owner billed for sand in sewer

MCBAIN, Mich. — After months of dispute, the carwash owner finally paid up, but he had requests.


MCBAIN, Mich. — According to, after months of back-and-forth a McBain carwash has finally paid a nearly $700 bill from the city to remove sand from the sewer.

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The city hired a contractor to pump out sand from the sewer and billed the carwash where the sand originated, the article continued; putting sand in the sewer is against city regulations.

Craig Shore, owner of the carwash, disputed the charge, however, claiming that sand removal is simple maintenance and that he is not responsible for maintaining the sewer system, the article noted.

Shore also claimed that he cleans his pit regularly to keep sand out of the city’s sewers, but the city claimed it ends up there anyway, the article reported.

Although Shore has now paid the bill, he has made a few requests, the article stated.

For any future cleanings of the lift station where the city claims the sand from his business winds up, Shore wants to be involved, the article added.


Shore wants the city to get at least three bids for the lift station cleaning, and then he wants to review those bids and the work that is accomplished, the article stated.

While the city noted at its council meeting that the bill had been paid, it did not make a formal decision in regards to Shore’s requests, the article concluded.

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