BATAVIA, NY — Country Falls Car Wash III shut down in January, making customers wonder if gift certificates they purchased would be honored, according to The Daily News. 

The May 9 story stated that customers were already voicing their concerns. Batavia resident Marilyn Colantonio said “We bought five or six of them for Christmas. We can’t use them. I’m sure there are many more people out there wondering what’s going to happen.”

Renovated carwash has a coffee shop feel

Carwash owner Bernard Puzan Jr. said he plans on reopening in July. “I had problems with the people I had running it,” he said when asked why the carwash closed. “My manager was arrested twice for drugs and I had cameras installed so I can watch the other employees and they ripped them out.”

Puzan apologized to customers who bought gift certificates, and reassured they will be able to use them when the carwash reopens. 

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