FLINT, Mich. — Two businessmen in northwest Indiana are urging the public to donate bottled water or cash to purchase water for Flint, Michigan, according to The Times.

The drinking water in Flint was contaminated after its water source switched to the Flint River from a nearby Detroit water system “as a cost-saving measure in 2014,” stated the article.

The water from the Flint River resulted in lead leaching from old pipes, reported the article, which contaminated the potable water.

Rene Alaniz, owner of Valpo Car Wash, and Walter Alvarez of Alvarez Law are hoping to collect enough public donations for one million containers of bottled water, continued the article.

The two businessmen reported that they will pay the cost of delivery to get the water to Flint, added the article.

Donations, informed the article, can be dropped off at Valpo Car Wash on Morthland Drive in Valparaiso and Alvarez Law on West 96th Avenue in Crown Point.

Likewise, noted the article, donations can also be brought to Midwest Tire & Auto Repair on Sheffield Avenue in Dyer; Munster Marathon Auto Repair on Calumet Avenue in Munster; Tire Experts Complete Auto Care on Indian Boundary Road in Chesterton; and Tri-Town Safety Village on Eagle Ridge Drive in Schererville.

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