Carwash owner turns stand-alone site into mobile business
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Carwash owner turns stand-alone site into mobile business

OLD GREENWICH, Conn. — By going mobile, Eric Birdsall, owner and operator of Birdie’s Auto Spa, has expanded his customer base.


OLD GREENWICH, Conn. — Eric Birdsall, owner and operator of Birdie’s Auto Spa, is offering mobile steam cleaning services to Fairfield and Westchester County residents to help “take the burden and hassle of vehicle maintenance out of the picture,” according to Greenwich Time.

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The 2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard reported that the average commuter in Fairfield County spends approximately 49 hours stuck in traffic each year, stated the article.

“Most people don’t have time to clean their car inside and out,” said Birdsall in the article. “I really enjoy seeing the satisfaction our service brings to customers when they come out and their car looks good as new.”

In 2011, the article continued, Bridsall opened his business as a brick and mortar store in Rye, New York, and soon realized it wasn’t a practical model for steam carwashing, which can take 45 minutes to three hours compared to 15 to 30 minutes for a traditional carwash.


In 2014, Bridsall changed his approach and transformed his steam wash into a mobile business, reported the article.

Steam carwashing utilizes only one gallon of water per car on average and doesn’t require soap, informed the article, and it also cuts down on the environmental impact compared to a traditional wash which uses an average of 43 gallons of water per car.

“When I first opened I was the first stand-alone carwash in the nation without a drainage requirement in our zoning,” stated Birdsall in the article. “The concept is being green and environmentally friendly. We don’t need drainage; there’s no soap, no brushes [and] no scratches on the vehicle.”


By going mobile, noted the article, Birdsall can better serve his existing customers and has expanded his customer base.

You can find the article here.

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