COTATI, CA — Carwashes can sometimes be a fragile environmentally-friendly topic, but that did not stop entrepreneurs Dan Brown and Matt Riveras from investing $70,000 into a water retention and filtration system that was custom designed on the east coast to improve efficiency and help lessen a negative environmental impact, The Community Voice reported.

Driveway carwasher faces jail time

The Nov. 2 story stated that according to College Car Wash co-owner Dan Brown, the company has been able to save quite a bit of water with the new system. In fact, 75 percent of the water used for the wash’s touch-free service comes from water recycled from the tunnel wash.

The duo said that the cost did not really matter to them. They believe that by saving water, the large investment will eventually pay for itself and more. On top of their new system, they also added lush landscaping and worked to refit the wash’s grounds with “green” materials to emphasize a connection with the environment.

Chickens and carwashing

Brown and Riveras also hope to host charities and fundraisers at the wash in an effort to connect with the community.

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