SAN ANTONIO — According to, Joseph Cortez, 34, has been charged with the theft of a carwash payment terminal after being turned in by the woman in whose garage he apparently stowed the machine.

This is the ninth charge Cortez has faced since he was booked into the Bexar County Jail on Aug. 23rd, the article noted; the charges include criminal mischief, assault on a spouse, evading arrest and burglary of a coin-operation machine.

The police stated that Cortez was caught on Bubble Bath Car Wash’s surveillance system removing the payment terminal from a concrete block stand on July 31st, the article continued.

The owner of Bubble Bath estimated that there was around $5,773 in cash in the payment terminal, which itself was valued at $44,087 for a total of $49,860, the article added.

About two weeks after the theft, a woman tipped off the police, saying Cortez had stored the machine in her garage, the article noted; she provided a statement and identified a photo of Cortez.

Police matched the serial number of the machine in her garage to the one stolen from the carwash and also recovered 11 Bubble Bath Car Wash gift cards, the article stated.

Cortez’s combined bond amounts total over $41,000, the article concluded.

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