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Carwash recognizes employee’s 80th birthday

FORT COLLINS, CO — R. Ted Yontz filled out many applications, but only the carwash considered him.


FORT COLLINS, CO — Breeze Thru Car Wash here is celebrating two events: The opening of their third carwash in Longmont, CO, and the 80th birthday of long-time employee R. Ted Yontz, according to a press release.

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The Nov. 19 release stated that Yontz has been with Breeze Thru for over four years, and he works 30 hours per week. Yontz firmly believes that a body cannot just stop work all the sudden, so his personal philosophy is “you work until you die.”

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Yontz was described as a “jack of all trades,” and he has worked as a mechanic, a parts man, a steel fabricator and a salesman. As carwash technology evolves, Yontz feels that his car-loading job may be phased out. But, his skilled maintenance work will always be in demand.


Breeze Thru has proven to be an equal opportunity employer by hiring employees of all races and age groups. Yontz filled out many applications as a senior citizen, but no one would consider him except the carwash.

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Breeze Thru’s owners referred to Yontz as their “go-to man.” Owner John Agnew said in the release, “This job calls for hard work, being on your feet all-day and even being out in the cold and wind. It’s a fast paced environment, and Ted sets such a good example for our younger employees. He is there on schedule every day and sets expectations for respectful hard work.”

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