CHESTER, Va. — Flagstop Car Wash has made major improvements recently, including remodeled self-serve bays and the addition of a pet wash, according to a press release.

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The “pet pampering” facility, notes the release, is accessible to pets both big and small. Available services include “tearless shampoo, oatmeal treatment shampoo, flea and tick remover, ultra-shine conditioner, and pet deodorizer and disinfectant.”

The release continues that “there is a blow-dryer accessible to be sure the pet is dry before leaving the enclosed area and to keep a wet pet from getting back in the customer’s clean vehicle.”

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The wash’s older self-serve bays have been upgraded as well, to enhance the wash experience. The bays have been fully remodeled, and now accept credit cards, cash, quarters and tokens. The vacuums in front of the bays have also been replaced.

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