WILMINGTON, N.C. — According to www.wect.com, Andy Lazzaro, owner of the H2 Turbo carwash, said that the carwash has cleaned a record number of cars over the first weekend in January — easily triple the number of cars it normally does on a regular business day.

“With inclement weather, with the snow and ice and whatnot, the city and the state does a great job salting and icing the roads, which ultimately benefits us in the long run with people wanting to get that off their cars after the storm has subsided,” Andy Lazzaro said.

One of the many customers, Alison Bernhart, said of her car, “It was pretty bad. There was a lot of buildup of ice underneath. I have done a little bit of driving in the neighborhood. The neighborhoods are not cleared very well yet, so there was a lot of buildup. It was just getting really grungy on the outside, so it was time,” she said.

Lazzaro believes the carwash will continue to triple its normal output during at least the next week or as long as the salt and ice are present, the article concluded.

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