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Carwash soap forecast: No bubble burst

VALLEY COTTAGE, N.Y. — In North America and the Asia Pacific region, the carwash soap and detergent industry is expected to grow.


VALLEY COTTAGE, N.Y. — According to, with the recent increases in vehicle population and disposable income, consumers around the world are more inclined to invest in carwashing and auto detailing services.

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A new study is being released by Future Market Insights called “Car Wash Detergents And Soaps Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2016-2026,” the article stated.

The report is segmented based on volume, pricing, type of soap/detergent (liquid-, gel- or foam-based), distribution channel and world region, the article continued.

The carwash soap and detergent market in North America is expected to have “significant growth” over the next five to six years, the article noted, which will be attributed to new product launches and technological advances in the manufacturing of these products, based on consumer demand.

In addition, the article stated, the Asia Pacific region (excluding Japan) is also expected to see a growth in the carwash soap and detergent market due to a rising customer inclination towards carwashing.


According to the article:

“In addition [to the] increasing growth of [the] automotive industry, awareness about improved car washing methods [has] led to [a] surge in [the] consumer database, especially for commercial car washing services. This is, in turn, anticipated to drive the demand for car wash detergents and soaps among consumers. In addition, [a] shift from manual washing to automatic washing has fueled the demand for car wash detergents and soaps among automotive service stations at a significant rate in recent years. However, water conservation is a concern, which restricts the adoption of commercial car washing among consumers and thus might restrain the car wash detergents and soaps market growth.”


Furthermore, the leading carwash detergent and soap makers are currently busy developing biodegradable formulas that will comply with new eco-friendly standards, the article concluded.

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