PITTSBURGH ― Surveillance footage obtained from a carwash here has proven another man is innocent of drug charges, and now he's suing the city as a result, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

The May 17 story said the footage shows that David Carpenter did not have any role in a drug raid that took place at the carwash in 2010.

As PC&D previously reported in March, Timothy Joyce was also arrested during the same drug raid, but was proven to be innocent, thanks to the surveillance footage. Joyce, who spent several days in jail for the crime he did not commit, is now suing the city and two police officers who arrested him in a civil rights lawsuit.

As for Carpenter, his lawsuit in U.S. District Court claims that city officers Kenneth Simon and Anthony Scarpine falsely arrested and maliciously prosecuted him and he is asking for money for both the anguish and humiliation he suffered.

"We're reviewing the allegations that were made in the complaint, conducting an investigation into the allegations and in the near future we will respond in our pleadings," City Solicitor Dan Regan said in the story.