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Carwash theft leads to additional drug arrest

NATCHEZ, Miss. — Two suspects were tracked to a hotel for a carwash robbery.


NATCHEZ, Miss. — According to, two suspects were apprehended in both a carwash theft and drug incident.

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Natchez police were called to Mud Busters Car Wash on the report of someone having stolen approximately $1,500 worth of coins and causing over $3,500 damage to machinery, the article continued.

After using security footage to obtain descriptions of the two suspects — one male and one female — as well as the getaway vehicle and posting an alert, someone allegedly saw the vehicle at the Vue Hotel, the article noted.

After the car drove out of the parking lot, officers made the vehicle pull over and identified the driver, Corey Edward Pruitt, 47, from the surveillance footage, the article added; Pruitt then stated that the female suspect was in a room reserved under his name at the hotel.


Police then apprehended the female suspect, Jessica Mussro, 33, whom they also identified from the video, the article noted; at the same time, police found a substantial amount of drugs in the hotel room and called in narcotics officers to assist with the scene.

Pruitt and Mussro have been charged with grand larceny, felony malicious mischief and possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute in a church zone, the article noted.

The police uncovered over 10 grams of methamphetamine, valued at over $600, the article stated.

Natchez Chief of Police Walter Armstrong congratulated his officers in a statement for “an excellent job removing a dangerous drug off the streets and out of the hands of dealers, recovering the stolen property, and taking career criminals off the streets.”


The investigation is ongoing, the article concluded.

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