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Carwash uses zombie labor for morbid fundraiser

TORONTO — A horde of the walking dead appeared at a wash here for one weekend to cover cars in blood and sell cupcakes.


TORONTO — A recent fundraiser at Classic Coin Car Wash here definitely captured customer attention — mainly because all the carwashing was done by the blood-soaked undead, according to

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The Aug. 20 story stated that the scary event was held to raise money for the annual zombie walk in Toronto. The Heart and Stroke Foundation is a partner in this year’s zombie walk as well.

During the weekend wash, zombies attacked cars and covered them in blood before thoroughly washing the vehicles. The story’s writer said, “As I drove my car into an open bay, it was swarmed by a legion of groaning zombies. Their eyes spoke of their inner longing to have me for lunch as they slowly spread blood across my vehicle. Their slow, jerky motions shook the car a bit, which was unnerving until I realized they were spreading their bloody mess onto every spot of dirt.”


In addition to washing cars, zombies were also collecting the wash money, handing out cotton candy and selling shirts and cupcakes. The writer noted that the zombies had fully embraced the cupcake fad. The frosting was even piped and shaped to look like a brain.

A photo gallery of the hair-raising even can be found here.

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