MILWAUKEE — Nikki Brown let her 10-year-old son driver her car to a carwash last Monday, according to station TMJ.     

Zollie Sanford, the general manager of Gifted Hands Car Wash was shocked when Brown pulled up earlier in the day and bragged that she had taught her son how to drive.. “I’m thinking that this is a little kid  … she say 'don’t worry about it. I taught him well.'”

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Later in the day, Brown allowed her son to drive her to the carwash. “So this time I say to her, you can’t do that you know, you could injure somebody,” said Sanford. Brown proceeded to curse at her. A customer also had an argument with Brown over allowing her son to drive.

The two were pulled over shortly after this incident. Brown was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) for driving under the influence with a minor as well as charges of disorderly conduct.

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