QUEENS, N.Y. — Chants of “Yes we did” broke out as workers at Off Broadway Car Wash, who walked out on Thursday, eventually got what they were looking for, according to the New York Daily News.  

Around 15 employees handed out flyers and chanted for about an hour. The owner then communicated with them his willingness to discuss their wages and schedules on Monday, which were part of the reason for the walkout.

One organizer, David Jimenez, said, “To negotiate in good faith — that’s required under the law and that’s all we are asking.”

Off Broadway is one of eight washes in the city that has joined up with the Wholesale and Department Store Union, and Make the Road New York and New York Communities for Change nonprofits, in the last two years.

Workers were given $2.25 in raises since then, but there are still problems between the employees and wash owner, according to the report.

Detailer Orlando Hernandez said, “We’re doing this to have better wages in the future.”

Winter is seen as particularly difficult for wash employees because their schedules are dictated by the weather, which varies greatly.

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