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Carwashes are environmentally friendly way to wash car

SOUTH BEND, IND — Station WSBT explores what is the most eco-friendly way to wash a car.


 SOUTH BEND, IND — This is the time of year that cars get dirty, and the environmentally conscious want to know what’s the best way to clean a car, and not hurt the environment.

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The reporter’s first instinct was to hose down a car with water, but they realized that was not the best thing to do for the environment.

Carwashes are the best choice when it comes to being eco-friendly. “Car washes use water more efficiently with their high pressure hoses and timers," said the reporter. "Furthermore, they collect and either recycle or treat their water before releasing it, because they’re required to do so.” 

Test reveals which carwash uses less water

There's a way to clean your car, and still feel happy about your contribution to the environment according to the article,

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