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Carwashes definitely needed after Nemo

UTICA, NY — A mechanic details the extreme damage road salt can cause without regular carwashes.


UTICA, NY — After winter storm Nemo dropped two feet of snow here, drivers may end up cringing when they find out the damage road salt can do to their vehicles, Your News Now reported.

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The Feb. 11 story stated that the salt can cause problems in a number of areas. The longer the salt accumulates and stays on a vehicle, the more it eats away and corrodes the metal.

Warm day creates lines at touchless wash

"Cars are very susceptible to corrosion in the brake lines, frames,” Tom Maugeri, owner of Maugeri's Auto Repair Inc., said in the story. "I've seen things as bad as wheels pull away, frames rot so bad on some of the cars that the cradle, the engine cradles is part of the frame now on a lot of vehicles, that rots and the engines falls to almost touching the ground.”


A carwash is an easy and inexpensive way to prevent this extreme damage. Mechanics in the story said carwashes during the winter are a must in order to keep a vehicle safe, and they advise at least one carwash per month.

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