LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA — On June 15, 25 carwashes here will participate in the Protect our Environment Carwash Event which will bring attention to the environmental issues affecting local waterways, a press release reported that appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

The June 6 story said a portion of the proceeds from the money raised at the carwashes will go to the London Food Bank.

"The Canadian Carwash Association (CCA) is honored to have been invited to contribute to the London Cares Curbside Food Drive. The Protect Our Environment Carwash Event is a unique way to bring attention to environmental issues that threaten local waterways. With proceeds going to the London Food Bank, the CCA and the people of London are able to support two key issues that affect the community. We are thrilled to be one of many supporters this year," Jorge de Mendonca, executive director of the CCA said in the press release.

Recycling water, is it for you?

The carwashes participating include Petro-Canada, Shell Canada, Auto Spa Self Server Carwash, Miami Carwash, Pioneer Energy and and Coin-Op Carwash.

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