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Is Carwashing a Hereditary Illness?

Is carwashing a hereditary illness or one that can be acquired?


Sometimes, I feel as if I were born in a carwash. When I was about five-years-old, my dad would have me apply tire dressing by hand to vehicles because I was too short to reach the windows or jambs.

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When I got a little older, dad and I would go grocery shopping on Sundays. Each of these trips included a couple of stops at a few carwashes. Dad would speak to the manager, who would tell him of an issue he was having, and off they’d go, down the tunnel or into the back room, leaving me to fend for myself for an hour or so while they took care of the problem.

To be truthful, I resented the washes taking up so much of my dad’s time back then and never understood why he was so passionate about it. Now, I wish I’d have paid more attention to what he was doing so I can better serve our customers. That’s right; I’ve followed in the old man’s footsteps and am now working at Sonny’s in the Business Development Department.


I didn’t intend to; in fact, I spent years dodging the industry as best I could. All through college, I was convinced I knew a better way and that my degree in the social sciences would be my ticket to a carwash-free life — that is, until it wasn’t, which was pretty much right after graduation. I soon realized that the very thing I was trying to avoid was something I found myself oddly drawn towards again.

I asked dad if I could go on some installations so I could better understand the process. I asked if I could work in the factory to better understand our equipment and how it all ties together. I asked to take all of the CarWash College courses to see the best ways to maintain, repair and manage a wash.


While I’m thoroughly enjoying what I’m doing right now and love the people I work with, my ultimate goal is to go into business for myself. Crazy right? Me, the kid who used to resent the business, now wanting to do it himself.

I guess it begs the question: Is carwashing a hereditary illness or one that can be acquired? From what I’ve seen since I’ve been involved here at Sonny’s, you can catch the fever both ways.

I can also tell from what I’ve seen, there is no cure….

Anthony Analetto Jr. is a consulting specialist and instructor in training in the CarWash College with one official year in the carwash industry. He can be reached at AnAnaletto[email protected].


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