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Carwashing recommended for all seasons

NASHVILLE, TN — Super Speed recommended that customers get a carwash at least twice a month.


NASHVILLE, TN — Super Speed Wash created a press release aimed at letting people know that regular carwashing will extend their vehicles’ value and lifespan.

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The Feb. 13 release posted on Digital Journal stated that cars frequently need washing due to sleet, snow and salt during the fall and winter months. Spring carwashing is needed due to rain and pollen. Finally, UV rays and acidic bugs are a problem during the summer.

In cold weather, salt from roads can settle and build up in hard-to-reach areas. There it will slowly eat away at the metal.

Carwashes definitely needed after Nemo

During the winter, it is important to clean and treat a vehicle’s undercarriage using products that bond to and protect unpainted surfaces like chrome and steel. Super Speed’s Total Protection Wash offering includes an undercarriage rinse and an application of rust inhibitor.


Super Speed recommended the customers at its 10 locations get a carwash at least twice a month and immediately after winter weather events.

Read the entire release here.

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