FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. — A June 5 Fayetteville City Council meeting will take up Mayor Greg Clifton’s decision to veto a potential Tidal Wave Car Wash location, according to The Citizen.

In May, Clifton vetoed to “rezone and grant a special exception for property at the intersection of Ga. Highway 85 and Ga. Highway 314 proposed for the Tidal Wave automated carwash,” states the article.

The city council had previously approved the rezoning.

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Community Development Director Brian Wismer wrote in a letter explaining the decisions made by the council and Clifton: "The appeal for (the Planning and Zoning Commission) denial of the setback variance was upheld by council, but because the curb cut closure (on Hwy. 85) was a condition of the setback variance, it was not discussed as a condition of zoning. The result of this omission means that the car wash could potentially be designed and constructed behind the required setbacks, but could keep the existing curb cut opened. Due to this, on May 6 the mayor exercised his right to veto the rezoning and special exception granted by council."

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The veto, notes Wismer's letter, can only be overturned by a four-fifths majority of the city council.

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