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Grading oil and gas services

How to determine and promote your products’ quality.

How to remove dried pine sap without car damage

A guide on how to remove dried pine sap from a car without damaging the paint.

Credit card and contactless payments: the future of carwash

How adding credit card and contactless payments will make your carwash more efficient, more profitable and provide better service to your clients.

Important health and safety considerations for carwashes

A look into risks a carwash might pose to employees and customers, and how to defend against them.

Instagramming your carwash

Where carwash owners should start with their social media presence.

6 ways carwash customers can protect their credit card information

Necessary actions your customers should take to protect their credit cards from fraud.

Increasing your location’s value proposition through oil services

A plan for adding oil services to your carwash.

10 clever ways to increase customer lifetime value

From offering incentives to updating your social media strategy, there are many of ways to turn one-time customers into lifetime supporters.

Rain-X releases tips to prepare for winter driving

To reduce visual impairments, Rain-X suggests replacing wiper blades.

Wiper Blade
How to get your carwash LEED certified

A LEED certification is good for the environment, good for customers and good for a carwash’s profits.

Washing a limousine: what you need to know

From investing in the right equipment, strategically pricing your services and having enough manpower for the job, there’s a lot of factors that go into washing limos.

limo, limousine, city
The hidden dangers of the one-stop shop

When shopping for carwash technology, a one-stop shop may not cover all your needs.

tunnel, arch, lights, conveyor, tunnel controller