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Carwash regulations you need to know

The EPA and OSHA are the main regulators in this industry.

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Real estate financing for the carwash industry: the SBA 504 loan

The SBA’s 504 program allows business owners to purchase commercial real estate at a below-market fixed interest rate.

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Crafting a carwash plan

Tips for writing a business plan.

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The A-Z guide to detailing jargon

Help your customers understand what you are telling them.

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Killer additions to keep a car cool in the summer

Keep customers from feeling the heat.

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7 tips to keep an open-air vehicle’s soft-top impeccable

Special cleaning techniques will ensure long life for soft-tops.

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The beginner’s guide to buffing a car

To protect the car and achieve optimal shine, follow these tips.

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Flat belt conveyor systems explained

With the advent of new car technology, carwash technology has upgraded as well.

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Infographic: Where next for car technology?

As the reality for self-driving cars draws close, other futuristic technologies may soon find themselves in vehicles.

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Marketing detailing services for resale opportunities

How keeping cars clean can help in retaining their resale value.

Used cars
How to clean automotive glass without scratching it

Car windows should not be treated like household windows.

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Wheels and style: quality versus aesthetics

Wheels made of different metals require different cleaning techniques.

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