Car Wash Business
Inside the December 2020 issue of PC&D

A look at some of the articles in our final issue of the year.

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Seller information sharing

When selling a carwash, the “who” is more important than the “what.”

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The effect of the pandemic on carwashing

Our industry’s response plan is proving effective for many washes.

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Q&A on the importance of a distributor

OPW Vehicle Wash Systems’ Mark Tentis explains how distributors are critical in determining site success.

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How subscription plans benefitted carwashes during the pandemic

Do these plans help sustain carwashes during an economic downturn and pandemic?

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Is your carwash COVID covered?

Understanding the care, custody or control exclusion and
pandemic considerations.

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Carwash M&A heats up

Why is the carwash market so hot, and will it last?

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30 and under rising stars: Laura Geraci

Geraci works as a marketing manager at Fins Car Wash by AAA.

Laura Geraci
Carwash customer retention policy

This policy example can help your business gain lifelong customers.

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30 and under rising stars: Isac Valdez

Valdez works as a site manager at Tommy’s Express Car Wash.

Isac Valdez
Rebounding from an unusual year

From pandemic and usual playoffs to missing vacs, it’s been a weird year.

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30 and under rising stars: Hunter Lemmond

Lemmond works as an assistant site manager at Jimmy Cleans Car Wash.

Hunter Lemmond