Commercial Carwash Chemicals
Visiting all of the various vacuum trends

We spoke to various industry experts to find out more about the versatility and viability of the more powerful vacuums and combo machines available today.

Young championship golfer operates a carwash

ROGUE RIVER, OR — A decorated high school golfer still finds time to keep up a three-bay carwash.

Battling dirty bays

One way to discourage repeat business is to ignore site maintenance and cleaning. No-scrub cleaning chemicals can help strike back against grimy, dingy carwash walls.

Do you keep a pet on-site at your business?

Sure, they’re cute, but they might scare customers if they’re not leashed or kept at a distance.

Ryko Solutions announces Turtle Wax partnership

LAS VEGAS — Ryko Solutions Inc. will now offer owners the option of upgrading their chemicals to Turtle Wax products.

How to Get the Driest Car Ever

How do you get the driest car ever? Do you use more chemical? Change chemical?

Detail industry trends and innovations for 2012, part 2

The second article in this two-part series focuses on tools, supplies and chemicals.

The ABCs of Controlling your Wash

There are many things in the car wash business that are beyond your control such as weather, road construction, off-site power outages, competition, etc.

Got Safety? Part Two

Proper Use = Safety and Efficiency

Are You in Control?

The Factors You Need to Control

How Do You Evaluate Your Wash?

Do you know that every supplier of chemicals should and can provide a written evaluation report that tells you what your chemical usage, costs, strengths and cost percentages are for your wash?

Detergents Get Thin This Summer!

It’s late spring and soon we will be scorched by the summer heat.