Commercial Carwash Chemicals
5 cost-minded chemical strategies

Savings are possible with the right know-how.

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Formulating carwash chemistry

How proper titration, improved performance and continued learning can boost a wash’s bottom line.

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The science behind carwash soaps

How companies develop new chemistry that improves wash results and performance.

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Carwash chemical mishap

FARMINGTON, Maine — An employee mixed the wrong solutions together and was sent to the hospital.

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White car comes out pink after carwash

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. — Carwash chemicals stained an older, light SUV pink, and the owner wanted it fixed.

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Water’s role in the carwash

Effective filtration can overcome spotty results.

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Infographic: Water contaminants of carwash concern

What’s in your water?

Nissan’s innovative carwash foam saves water in India

NEW DELHI — The new technique reduces water consumption by 45 percent.

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Homeowner angered over carwash runoff on her property

BARABOO, Wis. — A broken stopper resulted in water runoff onto private property.

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Carwash soap forecast: No bubble burst

VALLEY COTTAGE, N.Y. — In North America and the Asia Pacific region, the carwash soap and detergent industry is expected to grow.

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Analyzing carwash chemical costs

How much are your chemicals really costing you?

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CSI® announces Key Account Partnership with Terrible Herbst

DE PERE, Wis. — As Terrible Herbst looks to expand, it chose CSI for its chemical program.