Carwash Equipment Suppliers
3 myths about blowers and drying

These misconceptions about blowers could be affecting your results.

blowers, drying, dryers, carwash, car
Brush maintenance

Know the signs of wear and tear.

brush, core
Proper and effective site surveillance

New cameras are only as good as your entire surveillance plan.

security cameras, surveillance, carwash tunnel
The capabilities of tunnel controllers

Tunnel controllers connect all phases of operation with a full lineup of
functions and features.

brain, circuits, electrical, tunnel, controller
The benefits of closed-loop water reclaim

Calculating the benefits of
collecting and recycling all wash and rinse water.

water reclaim, closed-loop
Showing off with LEDs

How adding a light show and illuminating existing services can boost wash sales.

self-serve carwash, LED lighting, modern, LEDs
Refresh tunnels with new brush colors

Changing tunnel wash brush and hangdown colors tells customers you are upgrading your service.

carwash brush, colors, brushes
Designing your arches

In terms of function and form, learn how to optimize arches’ usefulness.

Motor City Wash Works, arch, arches, entrance arch
The economics of water softening

The economics of new high-efficiency water softeners.

water, droplet, softener
Quieter wash wheels and brushes

How foam media and wash wheels have evolved to improve customer satisfaction.

lighted wash wheel, carwash, foam, brushes
Streamlining with sensors

Customizable tech solutions can usher in a new era of business success.

Crew Carwash
Building business via vacuum booms

Drive sales and entice customers with attractive and functional vacuum stations.

vacuum booms, arches