Carwash Equipment Suppliers
Is poor water quality holding you back?

The cost of poor water quality on your operation.

water. molecules
Efficiencies in water recycling

Understanding reused water’s dos and don’ts.

water recycling
Payment technology in the COVID-19 era

Contactless vehicle-wash pay stations can have social-distancing benefits.

contactless payment, pay station, carwash, kiosk
Prepping doors for winter

Keep the cold out, while keeping profits in.

carwash door, drawing, track, hardware, doors
Door design updates and maintenance

Maintain rollers to make sure tunnels and bays stay functional during operational peaks.

door, carwash, pay station
3 myths about blowers and drying

These misconceptions about blowers could be affecting your results.

blowers, drying, dryers, carwash, car
Brush maintenance

Know the signs of wear and tear.

brush, core
Proper and effective site surveillance

New cameras are only as good as your entire surveillance plan.

security cameras, surveillance, carwash tunnel
The capabilities of tunnel controllers

Tunnel controllers connect all phases of operation with a full lineup of
functions and features.

brain, circuits, electrical, tunnel, controller
The benefits of closed-loop water reclaim

Calculating the benefits of
collecting and recycling all wash and rinse water.

water reclaim, closed-loop
Showing off with LEDs

How adding a light show and illuminating existing services can boost wash sales.

self-serve carwash, LED lighting, modern, LEDs
Refresh tunnels with new brush colors

Changing tunnel wash brush and hangdown colors tells customers you are upgrading your service.

carwash brush, colors, brushes