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Site surveillance update

How modern security and recording technology protect carwash profitability.

security camera, surveillance
Carwash Connection: The cost of downtime

AKRON, Ohio — The savings could be great if you replace a part before it breaks.

Carwash Connection: Equipment maintenance

AKRON, Ohio — You need to have the right mindset and habits when it comes to maintenance.

equipment maintenance
Carwash Connection: Automation

AKRON, Ohio — Robots aren’t the future — they’re already here.

Carwash Connection: Carwash equipment and replacement parts

AKRON, Ohio — An overview of the benefits of modern carwash equipment.

Choosing the right water recycling system

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to waste.

water recycling, water, car
Improving images with LEDs

Lights are not just for cameras — they’re also for action.

LEDs, lighting, carwash, car, brushes
Making the belt conveyor change

How modern systems boost car counts while increasing site safety and preventing damage claims.

Belt conveyor, belt conveyors, car, carwash
Putting the ‘foam’ in foaming brush

Brushes designed to maximize foam output deliver a cleaner, gentler wash.

foaming brush, foam, self-serve carwash, car
Blown away with energy-efficient dryers

How performance upgrades and new features can ramp down operating costs for dryer equipment.

dryers, dryer, car, tunnel
Carwash Connection: Water recycling payback analysis

AKRON, Ohio — A look at two other types of water recycling systems.

payback analysis
Carwash vacuums 101

The ins and outs of modern equipment and accessories in this product category.

carwash vacuums, carwash