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Carwash Connection: Water restoration and restored spot-free rinse

AKRON, Ohio — A look at two other types of water recycling systems.

water restoration
Carwash Connection: Reuse versus reclaim

AKRON, Ohio — What’s the difference between these two systems?

water, reclaim, water reuse
Carwash Connection: The facts about water and carwashing

AKRON, Ohio — Why should a carwash invest in water recycling?

Water recycling
A 360-approach to customer safety

Using technology, monitoring and employee training to create a safe and secure wash site.

security camera, surveillance
Booms: providing style and functionality

Be it in bays or vacuum stalls, the right boom gives you bang for your buck.

vacuum booms, vacuums
Improving images with carwash doors

Selecting high-quality, attractive doors serves many purposes.

carwash doors, polycarbonate, door
Advances in POS systems

How modern systems connect wash payments, daily reportage, site monitoring and operational controls.

POS system, analytics, March 2019
Beyond the points of sale

Automated systems, advanced pay stations and online platforms help inform and upsell customers.

POS system, interface, customer, sales, points of sale
Effective drying for self-serve washes

Learn the specifics of adding handheld blower systems to do-it-yourself carwash bays.

self-serve carwash, dryer, bay, car, signage, drying
Carwash Connection: Winterizing carwash doors

AKRON, Ohio — Keep your doors working properly during the winter months with these tips.

winterizing, carwash doors, door
Water discharge versus water reuse

Why water reclaim has become important to carwashes of all shapes and sizes.

water, globe, recycling, eco-friendly, environmentalism, water reclaim, water reuse
Carwash Connection: Door maintenance

AKRON, Ohio — How do you maintain a carwash door?

carwash door, maintenance, drill