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Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight

Are you ready to stand toe-to-toe with your competitor, look them in the eye and dare them to blink?

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Get Belted!

There is a battle raging in the carwash industry between the belt believers and the anti-belters.

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“I’ll do this until I find a real job”

As the industry continues to grow, top talent will be rewarded as companies vie for their service and experience.

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Consistently consistent

For your business to remain consistent in the service it provides, one word: checklists.

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Carwash Tech Talk

Innovations in technology help us to stay ahead of our competition and improve the customer experience.

This too, shall pass

I’ve heard it said that adversity builds character. I think it reveals it.

Sonny’s CarWash College Announces 2019 Instructor of the Year Award Winner

Bryan Hage is the 2019 CarWash College Instructor of the Year.

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Training Consistency Across Multiple Locations

Strong employee training and development is key to a company’s success and growth.

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Successful Employees 101

What qualities help make an employee successful in the carwash industry?

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What I’m Thankful For…

The carwash industry has given us a lot to be thankful for.

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Management Made Simple

For managers on every level, it all boils down to two things.

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CarWash College West is Now in The Valley of the Sun

It’s time for CarWash College to pack our bags and move to Phoenix.

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