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2022 Honoree

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Notable Acts of Charity

Since Super Star Car Wash was founded, giving back to the community has been a priority. Super Star Car Wash’s goal is to be woven into the fabric of the communities it serves. Most notably Super Star has been the Pay It Forward sponsor in partnership with local Arizona broadcast conglomerate Arizona’s Family and its annual Paul’s Car Wash. The yearly fundraiser, spearheaded by meteorologist Paul Horton, raises funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Arizona. During the pandemic, Super Star and its customers stepped up in a big way to donate $15,000 and helped the fundraiser find alternate ways to raise funds since the community event was shut down. Over the past four years, Super Star and its customers have contributed more than $57,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Super Star has also provided charitable support through its strategic partnerships with the Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Diamondbacks and San Diego Padres foundations to support key community initiatives that impact countless members of the community, specifically youth.

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Community Impacts

As Super Star expands to new markets in Arizona, California, Texas and Colorado, it is essential for its impact to be about more than clean cars. Partnering with organizations within those communities allows for the company to magnify that impact. From animal advocacy to supporting our troops, Super Star has focused on its mission to help uplift those who live in the communities in which they operate. Super Star’s community support also extends across its employees. Each year, Super Star employees unite on Veterans Day to create care packages for active-duty service members currently in deployment. This event, titled KUPDeployment, is hosted by local radio station 98KUPD. Over the past year, Super Star has provided support on a local level in Arizona and California to more than 100 organizations, including Little League baseball, cheer sponsorships, local high school football and fundraisers, and charity golf tournaments. Super Star has also supported charities such as Advocacy31nine, a nonprofit with a mission to advocate for the educational success of children impacted by foster care, and HALO Animal Rescue, an animal advocacy group creating life-saving strategies to save as many animals’ lives as possible.