At CarWash College we teach preventative maintenance. This month we are going to talk about a piece of equipment that often goes unchecked until it is to late. The hydraulic power pack, the work hose of the car wash operation, providing power to some of the most critical pieces of equipment in the tunnel. In this article we will talk about finding leaks on the power pack and how this could save you both time and money.

It is important to start the day by looking at the power packs for any signs of leaks before operation. At this time you want to look for any hydraulic fluid that may be present on the power packs. Look for fluid that might be pooling on the top of the power pack, check the sides of the power pack for fluid that might be running down the sides and under the power pack for fluid on the floor. The next check you would want to perform is a check of the power pack while it is under pressure. During this check, you want to check around the hoses and fittings on the power pack looking for any fluid that might be leaking from any of the hoses or fittings on the unit. During these checks you also want to check and record the fluid level in the reservoir as well as the operating pressure of each power pack.

A serious leak on a power pack could potentially put your car wash out of business. Let’s assume it’s a Saturday, and believe me that’s when it will happen, and you are running 60 cars per hour. If the leaking power pack in question is for your conveyor, and you don’t have a spare in place you would have to shut down. At that sixty cars per hour if you are an express exterior with a $6.50 ticket average it would cost your approximately $390.00 for every hour you are down. So by performing these quick checks on the hydraulic power packs you could help to avoid any down time.

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