LOS ANGELES — Mister Cartoon’s Sanctiond™ collaborated with Warner Brothers on a customized 1939 Chevrolet for the movie Gangster Squad, Hawaii News Now reported.

The Jan. 24 release stated that the Master Deluxe had hand-painted murals depicting images from the movie. The car was complemented by a limited-edition product line featuring Spray Detailer and Tire Glaze that included exclusive label art designed by Mister Cartoon.

‘Dangerous’ carwash to become detail business

The special car was unveiled at a VIP film screening after-party here and displayed at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show. Also, the vehicle traveled the country on an exclusive screening tour where guests were invited to advance screenings of the movie. The car was on the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere as well.

Sanctiond™ CEO Atticus Firey said in the release, "This high-profile car and its priceless paint job deserves only the best care, which is why we sent the Sanctiond™ Mobile Detail Unit with the customized Gangster Squad car to each stop, giving away free product and car detailing services to guests. Ten VIP kits were also gifted to winners from local radio station contests."

Grant awarded to unique detailing operation

"It's a great experience to be able to attach my brand to another piece of art, such as the film Gangster Squad," L.A. artist and Sanctiond™ founder Mister Cartoon said in the release. "It's artistic filmmaking and I'm honored to be involved. These are some of my favorite actors and I treat this as a collaboration with them."

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