NORWALK, Ohio — Bob Black, owner of the local Super Wash, is concerned about what caused one of his chemicals to enter an area creek, according to the Norwalk Reflector.

Winter car polish used at the wash entered a drain and ended up in the creek, noted the article. Authorities removed the chemical, calling it a toxic, flammable liquid.

Dye from the chemical turned the creek green, stated the article. Black shared in the article the chemical company makes periodic improvements to its products, so the dye was stronger than what is normally used.

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The company, Environmental Remediation Services (ERS) Inc., said the chemical was harmless, reported the article. However, a city official disagreed.

According to the article, the wash also uses methanol in safe levels to prevent freezing.

The cause of the spill has been determined, but Black has not ruled out sabotage, noted the article.

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