The chemistry of waxes and polishes has come a long way and progress continues forward. According to Rick Martens, senior chemist for Lustra Car Care Products, these products have made great strides in recent years in the area of repelling water. “The ingredients that add a water-repellent coating have become more substantive and there are more numerous options with a wider variety of beneficial characteristics,” noted Martens. “This is most evident in the rapid growth of the ‘super sealant’ products now being offered by most companies. Predicting the future is always difficult, but progress has been made in the past and is likely to continue.” In the years ahead, spending a little more money on a high quality wax or polish will be a deciding factor on whether or not your location(s) attracts more or less business. When looking to save or maximize profit potential, carwash operators and owners should not compromise on protection products, such as waxes and finishes. Products that contain “bare bones” formulations can impact your customers’ investments, and subsequently your reputation and business, for the years ahead. With poor performing products, Martens cited such loss of benefits as wide range ultraviolet light protection from the sun and a longer lasting sealant that will not get rinsed off with the first rainstorm.