With the various harsh chemicals that are present in and around a carwash bay, a sign can be negatively affected. If your sign is not cared for properly it can look very weathered and lose its effectiveness, according to Bobby Jones, the art director of TSS Inc.

“Another point worth mentioning is that often times the sign is cleaned but with the wrong solution and therefore increases the likelihood of sign failure,” he added.

According to Jones, these three easy-to-follow guidelines will help your sign stay vibrant and effective:

1. Be sure the inside drain holes are not clogged with debris.

Unclogging the drain holes will allow any moisture or water that may find its way into the sign to find a clear exit point. When these holes are clogged the water will build up inside and tend to cause power supply, or LED, failure.

2. Try WD-40 and a soft towel.

It is recommended that you clean your sign face (cover) by using WD-40 applied with a soft towel on both the inside and outside of the fixture’s face. This helps remove the chemical and dirt build up and can act as a repellent for any future dirt and chemical build. Taking this step will also help restore the sign’s luster.

3. Warning: Do not clean sign surfaces with Windex, or any kind of carwash cleaning chemical.

Using anything like tire cleaner, carwash soap, bug remover, etc., can cause the sign to crack and will end up causing permanent damage.