SAN FRANCISCO — Carwashing startup Cherry shut down its operations as of Dec. 23, according to TechCrunch.

The Dec. 23 story stated that Cherry closed on-site carwashing service so the company could “pursue an exciting opportunity.” The company also claims to be looking at “alternate options for the Cherry carwash business.”

Cherry’s ‘sketchy’ promotion under attack

CEO Travis VanderZanden would not give out many details about the company’s new direction, but he clarified it would not be a revamped version of the carwash service. VanderZanden said in the story, “While running Cherry, we discovered another opportunity that the team and board decided we should very quickly pursue.”

The company raised $5.25 million from Shasta Ventures, Founders Fund and others. The company will refund everyone who prepaid for a carwash and will work with Groupon and LivingSocial to refund customers who paid through the group-buying services.

Cherry’s entire statement and the full article can be read here.