WAYNE, NJ ― Rob Burke, owner of Wayne Auto Spa, doesn’t just offer up clean cars, he also offers vegetables and free eggs to his customers, the WaynePatch reported.

The May 11 story said Burke is raising 16 chicken hens and just planted vegetables and herbs in a garden. “I intend to use this as a resource for people to learn about helping the environment and each other,” Burke said in the story. “This is fun; it’s rewarding and it’s interesting being able to take control of your own food supply.”

Burke has made many environmentally-friendly moves at his carwash. He installed around 60 solar panels, which generate 15,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year, and a water reclamation system.

Burke, who received the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence in 2006 and the Passaic County Green Building Design Award in 2009, said the vegetables, herbs and eggs will be free to customers. “This is how I live my life,” Burke said in the story. “I care about the environment and I want to take care of what we have here.” He said he will also allow for customers to plant their own items on his land.